Can You Really Swim with Seals

In movies, you often see people interacting with animals that are sometimes too shy or dangerous in real life. We all know that swimming with dolphins is considered safe, but most of us wouldn’t be so confident with sharks, though it is done. Occasionally you will see people even interacting with seals; is that safe? If so, where is this experience offered? Are there types of seals that are friendly and others that you should avoid?

  • What is a Seal? A seal is another name for a pinniped. They are wiggly fur-covered bags that have flippers for limbs, as opposed to legs or fins. Seals are aquatic mammals that make their home in cold oceans but move to warmer waters in different seasons. Usually, they live on a diet of fish and or molluscs, but some larger varieties have a taste for penguins or whatever other creature that is convenient.
  • Where Can You Find Seals? Seals can be found in both the northern and southern hemispheres, and the range starts at the poles and spreads out the north and south ends of the nearby continents. They do not inhabit equatorial regions, and there are no seals in Indomalaya waters.
  • Where Can You Observe Seals Safely? There are many places where you can observe seals, either from shore or by boat tour. Some sites even have created a safe environment for people to interact and swim with seals. You can go to Narooma for seal swimming, for example, there is a new facility to have a unique experience interacting with seals.
  • Are There Dangers Involved? In controlled situations where the seals are accustomed to human interaction, there is minimal risk involved. However, in the wild, seals should be respected and left alone. Some of the bigger varieties can be dangerous at certain times of the year. All wild animals should be treated carefully. But when experienced guides are available. Interacting with seals can be a wonderful experience enjoyed by both humans and beasts.

Seals are one of the most unusual creatures in the sea. They appear to be made of jelly, have fur but live in water, and are very intelligent. Marine mammals are some of the most intriguing animals on the planet, and an opportunity to observe them is always a memorable experience. It is possible to swim with seals if you find a suitable location and experts to ensure your safety. But it is not recommended to do so on your own in unknown conditions, and the seals will probably swim away from you anyway.